Words lead. Content sells.

Texts, tweets, blogs, ads, emails. Words fill our screens, pack our inboxes, and bombard our senses. We send ourselves word reminders, fuel word exchanges on social media, fire off quick texts, comment on a post, and craft email messages to convey our thoughts.

The power of written content is greater than ever in today’s app-driven barrage of information. One way or another, words lead. 

Words communicate a need, close a deal, teach a lesson, share information, promote a vision, and issue a call to action. Meaningful content tells the story of who you are and what your organization does. It lays the foundation for strong relationships, effective marketing and P.R., clear learning objectives, productive communication strategies, and trusted client care.

Do your words lead, or fall short? Do you struggle to find ways to express your ideas? Are you challenged to communicate your mission? Are you ready for change but don’t know how to motivate your team? 

Expressly Communicated understands the value of well-placed words — content that accurately expresses your ideas, your vision, your plans. Effective writing, editing, and content development sets you on the path to achieving your goals. Expressly Communicated, with years of communication experience, tailors copywriting services to fit your specific objectives to create content that influences and persuades. Content that sells. Words that lead. 

  • News & Social Media Content
  • P.R. & Marketing Materials
  • Content-Rich Website Development
  • Training Materials & Presentations
  • Curriculum Writing & Editing
  • Book Writing & Editing
  • Thesis & Dissertation Editing
  • Technical Copywriting

Expressly Communicated serves a wide variety of clients: individuals, small to mid-sized businesses, schools and universities, non-profit organizations — anyone who needs the right words to reach employees, customers, students, donors, readers, and constituents. 

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